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Reed masquerade ball

Reed Pandora UK:http://www.tiscalli.co.uk/ masquerade ball

Reed arts week masquerade golf basketsoccer basetennis shot:Lucky mythical beasts, white range, rob your local supermarket, for the morning Pandora Beads UK mountain, naomi punk

(Reed pupil union, 3203 ze woodstock)There is no way to explain what reed arts week's masquerade ball will be like tonight.La trial and error light and electronic music duo lucky dragons are up for the event, performing with equally volatile avant garde pal rob walmart, so actually option is:Expect the peculiar.And possibly wear a costume.Beck earlier has a new album, and it's one he's been working on for many years.Pine, which remembers its release tonight, tones down the actual twang of kansawyer in favor of a more freewheeling, lcd screen version of americana.It's a subdued record but a mixing one, featuring numerous local talent including guitarist nate clark, your pedal steel/bass player jesse bates, and sean and ryan spellman of soft life, and others.But the actual star is beck's casual but emotive songwriting, mining the emotional depths of balladry without getting a trace of schmaltz.It's the type of record that's perfectly suited for the two seasons we get here:Cold and dark damp, and daisy fresh natural light.Beck, a journeyman music performer who's done time in countless local bands, obviously has his own strengths to display further evidenced by his songwriting factor to jackstraw's most recent record and sapling is his clearest, most moving work already.Ned lannamann

The particular shivas, orca soccer workers, pleassure

(Backspace, 115 north west 5th)It takes a lot of imagination to allow one's self a daydream to sunnier climes this month or year in portland, but taking note of the shivas' third lp whiteout definitely helps.Fetching doo wop songs splice through dreamy beach pop on throwback cuts like"Baby now you need you, in which drummer kristin leonard lilts an ultra catchy verse using far away guitars and echoed drums.The lo fi processing speaks of a loyalty to seminal r recordings, but the shivas' allegiance to writing great songs first and figuring the rest out later makes them a band to tune in to.Though they explore zestier numbers like solitary pilot is a"Gun in my back pocket sized"Peaceful tunes like the somber"Throughout the day, expose their hidden trove of pop songwriting holiness.Send the quartet off in style before they zigzag toward austin to be absorbed into the folds of cthulhu at sxsw like every other band in everyone.Johnson j.Prado

Entertaining world art tour:Mini tigers, geographer, the company Pandora Gold Beads gang of 1974, sexy nice

(Branx, 320 sony ericsson 2nd)Phoenix trio geographer deftly meld drums, cello, keyboards, rings, and pensive vocals with lush and hyper polished production that would not work to their detriment.Chimera, the band's debut full length and girth, reflects both a cogent sense of songwriting and expertly executed musicianship, all of and that indicates that next time around they'll be playing a bigger venue, as long as web-Based suggestions that they put on a stellar live show are accurate.Today, they perform as part of a touring package bill from modern art records and the result of sound music blog.Scholarship brissey

Reptar, restful hooves, quest galley

(Mississippi dojos, 3939 d mississippi)Were it not for the existing synth craze, i have a feeling the members of reptar would be going down the road around africa, making their way as cheery anthropologists of local music.As a, the quartet has harnessed their love for world music to the effectiveness of the electronic keyboard, a new high energy pastiche for the masses to dance to.This obviously means they enormously happy, something they find unmanageable to disguise in their songs.And why if he or she?Graham ulicny's reggae style vocals weave among a considerable assortment of layers of percussion, circles, practice vocals and, needless to say, first considerations.An individuals debut album, body touch, is manufactured by ben allen, who's also accountable for producing records by animal collective and gnarls barkley.It may not be out till may 1, but that's okay reptar is intended to be heard live.Their raucous shows happen to be the stuff of legend in their hometown of athens, ga.Rebecca wilson

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